Since the white powder is coming out of the holes for the A.C evaporater and the fan is clean - it would seem to indeed point to the furnace heat exchanger.I hated to give up that trusty 1965 Carrier 160,000 BTU furnace never gave a problem. I took pictures of some of my vents and after vacuuming out the registers they seem cleaner. Experiencing coughing headaches. Your opinion. Trane says epoxy coated evap fins will stop this. Oh wait... How will they sell more cars. Open all the car doors, make sure the A/C is off, and turn the blower on max. If the air temperature near the unit is below Dew Point, this causes water vapor to form in the air and condense into water droplets causing the fog or smoke. 2009 corolla: white flakes coming out of air conditioning vents… Customer Question. Sounds like the industry is finding quieter ways to gradually kill us. Hey Tony, my car did that too last time, but only once. Sometimes a power vent (a burner or stove vent that does not need a chimney) that goes through the wall will contaminate the air, which is then drawn into the attic through the soffit vents. Answer Save. I pull a register off and all these white flakes just shoot out. hi i have white dust coming from my ac vents all the time i changed the caben filter and still coming it has been over 3 weeks now and non of the auto place for reapears know any thin abute this white powder that's coming can you help. [19] Looked under the hood and nothing obvious. Attached photo shows layering on wood table near vent. I put it on max for a few seconds and it went away and never come back. 1 decade ago. Powder samples obtained from drain pan , coils and ducts. Every two or three months, choose a warm, dry day to clear out your A/C vents using the fan blower. ... (which explains the black flakes around your vents). Drove for about 45 min after that and it didn't happen again . And some systems are much louder than others. My wife was driving to work today and she said there was white smoke coming from the A/C vents. Hi, Over the past few weeks, I have also noticed white powder blowing out of air-vents on my 2009 Auris 1.33 TR, about 32k miles. ACTION Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition. This is normal. This article supersedes TSB 9-19-16 to update the Using … Secure the hose to the end of the blowgun using a worm clamp. We took some A/C filters that happened to be left around and put them over the vents. If no white flakes are present continue to Step 12. F44 Model Year: 2020 + Previous Generations Cleaning that out will be difficult but necessary for your health. Your A/C evaporator is the source of this white powder. Initially thought it was just the cabin filter, replaced to no avail, then read about air-cond fin corrosion + potentially associated with failing water-pump. Show More. You air vent is not closing properly and too much of outside air is mixing with your cold air, or your aircon coil is really dirty and lots of water condensation in you aircon system. Submitted: 9 years ago. Reassemble floor duct trim. Category: Toyota. The problem has been going on for a while, seems to get worse in the summer months. white flakes should not come out of the vents. powder coming from the A/C vents when the blower 4. Coolant is low. Dan Once she turned off the A/C the problem went away. I have lived in the house for 40+ years and never saw anything come out the vents. a month it has stayed the same. Download 2005-2009 Ford Focus WHITE FLAKES COMING FROM A/C VENTS >> FORD: 2007-2009 MKX 2005-2009 Focus 2008-2010 Crown Victoria MERCURY: 2000-2005 Expedition, F-150 2008-2010 Grand Marquis, Mariner Hybrid, 2007-2009 Edge Mariner 2008-2010 Escape Hybrid, Escape LINCOLN: 2008-2010 Town Car 2000-2005 Navigator. My car has an automatic transmission. Your a/c is shooting out cold air and it is reacting with the hot air in the house. Is this aluminum oxide precipitate from an oxidation reaction of the coils. ISSUE Some vehicles may experience white flakes coming from the A/C vents when the blower motor is engaged. I thought it was pet dander? The dealer replaced the internal A/C evaporator 3 times. Commonly, it is a sign of a restricted drain hole that needs cleaning. 3 Posts . [HVAC] Gray/white flakes flying from vents Installed a new Goodman GPG13M Packaged Gas/Electric Unit, October 2012. Then again, this is a lab and we don't mind having 2x3 foot blue filters duct taped to the vents. Smells horrible and yet mechanic can find nothing wrong. the flakes are like white dust and I have a charcoal interior also. Obtain about 61 cm (2′) of rubber vacuum line motor is engaged. Can we install filters on the vents? 7 Answers. Disconnect vacuum cleaner and remove tape from floor duct. 12. We have a 2007 Camry SE where there is a white dust being emitted from the AC/Heater vents. It is a considerable amount where you actually can see it build up on the dash. Another area to check is the duct work in the RV. white smoke was coming from A/C today. The dust is a direct result of the air conditioning’s evaporator flaking off small pieces. She had the A/C on and she had been driving for 20+ plus minutes before the symptoms started. I am sure the white specs came out the vent because the table was whiped clean just before I fired up the unit + I saw the same white specs in other rooms under the registers. Terrible smell coming from vents with ac or heat, not all the time. Getting white specks coming out of the vents that cover the dash. Hello, I have been having this issue with my mother's BMW 320i from 2006 for a while now - … Show Less. She said the cabin was filling up with smoke and she had to put the windows down. So if you’re seeing black particles coming out of your air conditioner vents and you’re a fan of burning candles or your fireplace, the most likely culprit is soot. I called Toyota and the rep said it is just oxidation build up and is not harmful. A plumbers snake with a white t-shirt attached to the end might tell you if you have mold in the system.Good Luck . White smoke from a/c vents? 14. Might have some mold growing in there. It is not coming from outside the car or the cabin air filter would stop it. The last time was supposed to be a factory redesign of the evaporator. In the process I have seen texture and paint deep in the duct work. Download ISSUE Some vehicles may experience white flakes coming from the A/C vents when the blower motor is engaged. The texture people will remove vent covers but generally don't seal off the duct work openings. Solution: Hire a mold remediation specialist. Now the white dust could be … :ugh3: I was in the middle of traffic with A/C … F20 / F21 Model Year: 2012 - 2018 E82 / E83 / E87 / E88 Model Year: 2004 - 2011 2. This phenomenon occurs during warm or humid weather and is … This may be caused by flux utilized in the manufacturing process of the evaporator core. Won't buy another Ford. Filipino Duncan. The white powdery stuff is just by products of the moisture in the air. The steam or vapor collected during the process of condensation could have made its way out when the air hit it. When my car ('99 Jeep Grand Cherokee) is running, some white smoke is coming from the vents inside the car, even with the air off. Posted to HVAC Forum on 7/7/2020. Ask Your Own Toyota Question. This dust is being made in your car. It can come out as big flakes … CARspec’s heard multiple explanations as to why the evaporator does this: the protective coating on the evaporator flakes off, the evaporator’s aluminum corrodes, etc. I don't know where it came from though. The evaporator is made of tubes covered with aluminum fins. All air vents connected to your heating and air conditioning duct system — meaning supply registers, ceiling diffusers, floor vents, and return grilles — make some noise when the system's fan is running. Took it to dealer and factory told them to blow air through the ducts, but there is still white dust deposits on the door rests … Fog or smoke coming out the air vents is caused by cold dry air coming in contact with warmer, more moist air near the air conditioner. White sparkling powder comes out and covers the dash. Regularly drying out your vent systems using this technique will prevent future mold growth. Jim Coughlin, owner of Summerfield Automotive in Charlotte, North Carolina, says he’s had customers complain about moisture, or steam, coming through the vents or water on the passenger side floor. The unit works well and quite pleased with this unit. Like a lot. Happened for maybe 30 sec 2 different times and then it stopped. This may be caused by flux utilized in the manufacturing process of the … If you can see "white smoke" coming out from the air-con vent when u switched on the air-con. Not sure if there is a leak. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jan 6, 2017. Some vehicles may experience white flakes or 3. Relevance. Fog or smoke coming out the air vents is caused by cold dry air coming in contact with warmer, more moist air near the air conditioner. Favorite Answer. Checked among other things, if the ac was not draining and put in a new air filter, but problem still continues. Air Conditioners Fog Or Smoke Coming Out Air Vents. U can also smell exhaust smoke in traffic. Pull off a couple of your Ac vents and look at the inside of your ducts. posted by sciencegeek at 9:09 AM on May 21, 2009 Some systems are louder than others. Blow powder off or vacuum dash board and vehicle interior as required. Thanks Dr Pinnell (that's why it's everywhere instead of just in certain places). They turn frighteningly black over the course of a month or two. white powder coming from aluminum evap coils of new Trane AC unit under house. Mine is more like a white smoke with dust particles coming out of the middle vents. 13. While some mechanics say they haven't come across steam in vents before, others say they have a pretty good idea of the cause. The odorless, white steam or smoke coming out of your air conditioner is probably excess water stored in the heater box. Tape closed all the other floor duct openings. Download LINCOLN: 2008-2010 Town Car 2000-2005 Navigator 2007-2009 MKX MERCURY: 2008-2010 Grand Marquis, Mariner Hybrid, Mariner This article supersedes TSB 9-19-16 to update the Service Procedure. large enough to fit the end of a small shop air ACTION blowgun. The chemical reaction puts the white powder throughout the house. It doesn't take long for that texture to start falling apart and being blown out. I have white flakes coming out of air conditioning vents on my 2009 corolla. I don't see them coming from the vents but that is where it has to be coming from. Show … My car has 31105 miles.

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