He learned to be a good soldier by being on the front line in battles, working shoulder to shoulder with the legions and spent many years doing the “dirty” work of a soldier. He then gave the land to his veterans to farm, providing food for Rome. His tactics in war and the kind of weaponry the Roman legions used has been a subject of discussion and debate. Though highly disputed, some historians consider Caesar a humble leader. This sample essay explores Caesar's impact on the world and his great leadership style. It is at this time that he established himself as an exceptional orator, speaking with a high-pitched voice and commanding tone. Caesar built powerful alliances. These new policies made the nation fairer and surprisingly earned the respect from some of the wealthy. He also made some huge land holders give up small amounts to veterans and citizens that needed it. Julius Caesar is arguably one of the ancient Roman Empire'sgreatest military leaders. His next step was that of Quaestorwhich he was elected to in 69 BC. If risking your own life for some dirty soldiers is not enough proof to show that he cared for others I don’t know what is. To further prove his discipline as a soldier, when the troops he maintained showed cowardice in battle, he agreed to the killing of every tenth man. Ultius is the trusted provider of content solutions for consumers around the world. Before Caesar, the poor were poor and the rich were rich. That says a ton about Julius Caesar's Leadership. His patience and desire to learn are also remarkable for a leader in is rank. Even after his death his policies were passed on through the generations and improved Rome to the very end. Oxford: Osprey, 2010. His policies and actions were unprecedented in his time. Retrieved from Ultius | Custom Writing and Editing Services, https://www.ultius.com/ultius-blog/entry/julius-caesar-a-great-world-leader.html. Oftentimes, you've got to start out as a large fish in a … Even modern leaders could learn a thing or two from Julius Caesar today. You would think that after being declared dictator for life that you would stop trying so hard, but Julius worked even harder. Other historians also record that he suffered malaria many times, and a line by Shakespeare is translated to mean that he was deaf in one ear. Julius Caesar, in full Gaius Julius Caesar, (born July 12/13, 100? jackjackkiwi (author) from Charlotte on February 29, 2016: I am using a quote from this article to help support my information for my english essay and it includes Julius Caesar. He left a legacy for future generations, to learn from. You read that right—We're giving away free scholarship money! – Julius Caesar . They have to share our ideas, be persistent, and have people like us in mind no matter what they do. Check out our essay on Richard Branson, a modern-day leader. The land was then farmed and Rome got new food supplies. https://www.ultius.com/ultius-blog/entry/julius-caesar-a-great-world-leader.html, Ultius, Inc. "Julius Caesar: A Great World Leader." Ultius, Inc. "Julius Caesar: A Great World Leader." They … How many leaders do you know that fight with their soldiers without a horse, only a sword in hand? What if Shakespeare's Julius Caesar was set in a modern and newly independent nation? However, on returning to Rome after beating his rival Pompey, he tried to impose a dictatorship on Rome. Ultius | Custom Writing and Editing Services. Caesar was no doubt a courageous leader. Whether he served directly under Crassus, or developed a friendship through other associations, the friendship would be pivotal to Caesar's career. h Click here for more help with Turabian citations. When it comes to nations, power is everything. They used short swords, known as gladius, compared to the long swords used by their enemies (the barbarian hordes). Caesar was obsessed with making the nation achieve his full potential, and by the time he died Rome was better than it ever had been. Julius Caesar is arguably one of the ancient Roman Empire's greatest military leaders. Caesar’s role in the play is not immense, though he dominates the play, even after his demise in the third act of the play. In this strategy, however, he failed miserably and the people of Rome, including his closest allies, would not cross the line with him. Everyone wishes to be a winner, and Julius Caesar had a combination of the traits that make a winner. Throughout his rule over Rome Caesar wished to reach out to everyone he could. His first oration was at his Aunt Julius funeral in the 69BC. Instead, the mere act of reading this, cover-to-cover, will give you a baseline on how to improve in life. For reference only, subject to Terms and Fair Use policies. I am here to prove to you that it was not like that at all. If you were poor you did what the rich said and paid what the rich charged for services and goods. Take 10% OFF—Expires in After Sulla won, Caesar soon became the target of the new regime for having connections with an old one. Use code save10u during checkout. For his to stand for the consul position, he would have to resign as a soldier and go to Rome as a private citizen. Caesar's troops admired his leadership style. Faced with a tough choice between the two, and after being denied permission to be part of the celebration in absentia, Caesar chose to forego a celebration he rightfully deserved to stand for the consulship. Born in July 100BC into a patrician family, he became the head of his family at 16 after his father’s demise. Check your inbox for an email about the scholarship and how to apply. The man was Julius Caesar. Tribunes, meant as representatives of the people, were being elected in order to protect them from the rigors of tyranny. Many people just assume that Julius Caesar was just like all the other rulers of his time. It is also notable that he people who served Caesar all retired wealthy, a good lesson in psychology and motivation. This is, of course, most starkly illustrated by Brutus and Antony’s “competing” speeches in the second scene of act three. When the pirates put a demand of twenty talents of silver, Caesar suggested they ask for fifty, and insisted on the receiving that. As Caesar rose in the ranks of the Roman government he knew that to prove himself he had to prove his nation. Before Julius Caesar leaders were just meant to be followed with no questions asked. It is not a trumpet call to self-importance” (Donald Walters). Julius Caesar revolutionized leadership to the point that he is a hero because he gained his nation power and authority, he made laws and policies fair, and he brought his people happiness and prosperity. Dreen Lucky from St. Paul, minnesota on January 16, 2013: Some offense priya - but, maybe if stuff this like this interested you, you might know how to spell and generally have a better attitude about education, history, science and the great stuff that makes the world turn. Apply today for your chance to win! Like what you read? Ultius Blog, 12 Sep. 2014. https://www.ultius.com/ultius-blog/entry/julius-caesar-a-great-world-leader.html. He constantly outmaneuvered and defeated his enemies, earning his reputation as a powerful general. ** By providing my email address, I am consenting to reasonable communications from Ultius regarding the promotion. He was courageous, intelligent and was a visionary. Disregard Tradition. This sent the message that if you were courageous you would receive gifts. The pirates were imprisoned and later Caesar had their throats cut. They wanted to charge huge amounts for the goods they sold and wished that everyone would have the same tax, no matter how poor you were. Because of Crassus' immense wealth, Caesar was able to finance the extravagant lifestyle and political necessities required to advance the cursus honorum. Caesar’s Leadership “Leadership is an opportunity to serve. He was also known for ruthlessly attacking and prosecuting former governors that had been involved in corruption and extortion. It was fought by the army of Julius Caesar against a confederation of Gallic tribes united under the leadership of Vercingetorix of the Arverni. "but, maybe if stuff this like this interested you". Business document preparation services for helping you get a job. It’s as simple as that. If nobody respects your nation you are practically not a nation at all. The word can learn a lesion on the need to lead and not control people from his downfall. He was stripped of all his wealth and rights, including his wife’s dowry, who he refused to divorce and the two had to go into hiding. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. This, perhaps, can be attributed that he had built a strong team of men who worked with him, and who ensured that things were run well even when was unable to do them personally. He was bold enough to go where no one had gone before. Cassius and other conspirators are jealous of Caesar, and they want to kill him for revenge. As a young man in 78BC, after Sullah’s death, he returned home and turned to legal advocacy. Caesar made Egypt his ally by solving some of their “internal” problems, causing more power for Rome. This short book should be required reading for a future President of Our Country prior to taking the oath of the office. Julius Caesar, one of the greatest historical figures of all-time, possessed many great qualities and performed those actions stated above. He was their leader longer than Rome's past leaders and eventually wanted the crown, but never showed the people he wanted it. This made him stand out as a true leader, and the best one the world had ever known. It was interesting to read about him. Category People & Blogs The story of Julius Caesar is set in ancient Rome during a time when Julius Caesar is to become king. Karmallama, you should work on your grammar as well before criticising others. This is the case with Brutus and Cassius, the two leaders among the several conspirators. Frankly I think that he cared about his nation far more than he valued his own life. But even the best fighters must know when to hold back. So, he paid huge sums of money to promote gladiatorial games to advertise himself as a politician. * We will never share your email with third party advertisers or send you spam. He started reforms with energy and creativity that all Romans benefited from. In Shakespeare s tragedy Julius Caesar, the use of diverse leaders plays an important role in the plot, showing vividly how strong personalities conflict. By eating, living, bleeding and marching with the legions for many years, he learned the art of war. They think that he was a ruthless leader that only cared about power and his own welfare. The following is a series of articles on deriving leadership and management insights from the works of William Shakespeare, mainly the plays. He also was able to function well as was hardly deterred by challenges that faced him. He had to decide between celebrating his victory and standing for consul because he could not do the same at the same time. He had the ability to articulate his ideas flawlessly and was able to convince the people of his ideas by using wise words and attractive language. In the play Julius Caesar, several people compete to be the leader of Rome. After Sulla won, Caesar soon became the target of the new regime for having connections with an old one. Even though some scholars say it was he who caused the downfall of the Roman Empire, Julius Caesar’s immense amount of intelligence and leadership qualifies him as a hero. Scullard, H. described Caesar as “Urbane, cultured and courteous, he possessed a will of steel and an intensity of intellect”. Many people believe Brutus would be considered ha Graham Morris summarizes Caesars leadership through reforms by saying “ As a man he could be all things to men, and during those times of Roman expansion one has to admit that if anyone was going to take-up the reins of power it was better to have a man of Caesars ambitions, tempered with a farseeing need for reforms, and who’s tolerance and statesmanship was better than most of his compromise.”. Although these actions seemed fair, some of the extremely rich were furious because of their greed. Mr. Barlag is correct that Julius Caesar's leadership style is extremely relevant today. Our next drawing will be held soon. His policies and actions were unprecedented in his time. Connect with your people One of Caesar’s best qualities as a leader was his ability to connect with his men. September 12, 2014. https://www.ultius.com/ultius-blog/entry/julius-caesar-a-great-world-leader.html. To celebrate his triumph, he had to retain his position as a soldier and was not allowed to come into the city until after the celebration. This made him stand out as a true leader, and the best one the world had ever known. As a leader, Caesar also fought for the rights of common people. Julius took rivalry and used it to his advantage to help his vision along. People respected that he didn’t despise who he fought against, but rather just wanted his nation and citizens to be safe and prosperous. They didn’t care about you. The "Leadership Genius" of Julius Caesar is an intense and impressive book which uses examples of the life of Julius Caesar to inspire a successful approach to leadership. According to Fields, “until Caesar marched into Gaul and made it a Roman territory, it was a wild and savage land Rome feared would never be tamed….. His coming of age was coincidental with a civil war between Sulla his rival, and Marius his uncle. Click here for more help with APA citations. Click here for more help with MLA citations. James Barker said, “Gual was Caesar’s proving ground as an extremely talented general, far superior to either Pompey or Crassus.” During these battles with one of Rome’s enemies he often fought on foot with his soldiers, earning their respect. Born in July 100BC into a patrician family, he became the head of his family at 16 after his father’s demise. He stepped a line that would eventually lead to his assassination. His coming of age was coincidental with a civil war between Sulla his rival, and Marius his uncle. According to Bill Yonne's "Julius Caesar: Lessons in Leadership from the Great Conqueror," Caesar once wrote that "in war, events of importance are the result of trivial causes." He was noticeably different and he didn’t just have himself in mind. He is credited for fixing the calendar, did not lose in any war he participated in, and he fought against extortion after his return to Rome. Leadership Style of Julius Caesar: The Top 3 Leadership Qualities of the famous military leader and politician 1. Julius Caesar's Leadership Chapter Exam Instructions. Julius Caesar took on the risks which came with his leadership. If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it. Then came a man called Julius Caesar. A group of senators that were bent on teaching dictatorial leaders all over the world a lesson assassinated him by stabbing him all over the body, which brought an end to his long rule. – Julius Caesar . Julius Caesar was a ruler loved by most people. Throughout his life he captured more land and expanded Rome’s empire. This can be seen time and time again. On one hand, he is one the ancient world's most talented military leaders, and on the other, one of the most impressive politicians of his time. Fields, Nic. Our next winner will receive over $500 in funds. Julius Caesar is an ancient Roman personality and an influential political figure. Deals with two roman leaders made him one of the men that controlled Rome through the 50 BC until they went to war against one another in the early 49BC. s Print. In his military career, he rose rapidly and had a successful campaign to the consulship in 60 BC. The plan of the research will be to set forth a context of leadership as a theory and then to discuss how the examples of Caesar and Napoleon illustrate features of leadership strategy and style that might be instructive for modern sensibilities. Military, … Connect with great American writers and get 24/7 support. However, at the same time, he wanted to stand for consul. Anyways I was wondering who is the author's name since I am citing the websites, I reckon this is a bit biased....great article though. When he was kidnapped by pirates on his way across the Aegean Sea, his response and attitude through the ordeal is recorded as bold and intimidating. Julius Caesar's leadership caused him to know how important it was to keep his citizens happy. Caesar imposed rent controls on the huge tenant houses that the rich owned, making rents that the poor could afford. What do citizens look for in a leader? With messy results. Caesar is considered one of the most disciplined military men. Julius Caesar: Lessons in Leadership from the Great Conqueror. Never had soldier’s life’s been spared like that. Print. The story of Julius Caesar is set in ancient Rome during a time when Julius Caesar is to become king. Only in the third part do we hear Augustus himself at length. Even if he was the best ruler the world had seen, it wouldn’t have made a difference if all citizens didn’t like him. It is recorded that he knew most if his men by name – just like his uncle Marius – a trait that earned him loyalty and great admiration from the troops. Marcus Brutus and Marc Antony were two rulers who had unique leadership styles that affected actions and events. The leadership style of Caesar was unheard of in his day. Ultius, Inc. (2014, September 12). He was extraordinarily bold, had a vision of what could be, and he made that vision a reality” (40). Oftentimes, you've got to start out as a large fish in a … jackjackkiwi (author) from Charlotte on June 14, 2012: Dreen Lucky from St. Paul, minnesota on June 14, 2012: I love historical content. Julius Caesar was a good leader even after he became Roman dictator. Julius Caesar revolutionized leadership to the point that he is a hero because he gained his nation power and authority, he made laws and policies fair, and he brought his people happiness and prosperity. Yeah. For example in 63 BC, “when he ran for election for the post of Pontifex Maximus – the chief priest of the Roman state religion – he ran against tow powerful senators and won comfortably, despite his opponent’s greater experience and standing and bribery” (Yenne 10). His last letter to Nicolaus of Damascus, just before his death in 14 AD, offers an impressive reflection on leadership. He is the reason why today leaders show the interest of the people and not only themselves. He was also daring and adventurous as evident from some of his battles. He was stripped of all his wealth and rights, including his wife’s dowry, who he refused to divorce and the two had to go into hi… The reader obtains a fascinating 360° view of how Rome's first Caesar operated. Nobody dared to change the system until Julius came along. Get your existing paper edited (improved) by a seasoned professional. Completely original—just for you.

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