Cassius convinced Brutus that Caesar was ambitious and determined to become king. The fact you are spending your time commenting is quite gayer, I believe. To deal with widespread unemployment, he offered people jobs in public works like the, . Apart from winning the civil war against numerically superior opponents, Caesar also defeated Egyptian pharaoh Ptolemy XIII in the Battle of the Nile (47 BC) and installed Cleopatra as Queen of Egypt. answer all of you guys. His maiden novella “Teicos” is a thoughtful depiction of the development of society and is awaiting publication. The action begins in February 44 BC. During his reign as dictator from 49-44 BC, Julius Caesar had a number of notable impacts on the city of Rome. Julius Caesar’s actions of intelligence and leadership Essay Sample A hero is defined as a person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose. When Caesar became dictator, Rome was experiencing financial crises due to the civil wars which had taken place recently. Roman historian Titus Liviusdescribes three incidents th… In 44 B.C.E., Julius Caesar ordered the Senate to make him dictator for life. He famously defeated Pompey, who was himself known for his military exploits, at the decisive Battle of Pharsalus (48 BC) despite being outnumbered 2:1. Caesar had served the Republic for eight years in the Gallic Wars, fully conquering the region of Gaul (roughly equivalent to modern-day France). It was of considerable significance as the Gallic tribes had attacked the Romans several times and also because it allowed Rome to secure its natural border of the river Rhine. lmao!! He was involved in several battles against Pompey and the Roman senate during the Great Roman Civil War (49–45 BC). Caesar felt he was in the right to do this because he felt Pompey was abusing his power, but it was considered a very unnecessary and brutal action by many of Rome’s important citizens. He is also arrogant, as shown by the way he refuses to listen to the soothsayer's warnings or read Artemidorus's letter. Shakespeare shows us the importance of Pompey's defeat — and the triumph that followed — through Marullus’s speech to the craftsmen in the first scene. Here are the 10 major accomplishments and achievements of Julius Caesar. Gaius Julius Caesar was a Roman general and statesman who played a critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. When the play starts, he is the only man capable of giving orders and ensuring they are carried out. He, to make the rich pay for their lavish lifestyles and to encourage domestic production. Clearly not everyone in Rome is enthusiastic about Caesar’s increasing power and authority. Caesar's actions threatened to end the Republic once and for all. The incident at the Feast of Lupercal just served to reinforce the conspirators' fears. I do fear, the peopleChoose Caesar for their king. Also, his Gallic War account has been a mainstay in Latin instruction because of its simple, direct prose. Nearly every one of Caesar’s actions were portrayed in a good way to the public, but they were often evil in every way. Thxxxx soo muchhhhh! Julius Caesar was born in a family that was not very politically influential. Caesar also cancelled the interest due since the beginning of the civil war which ultimately eliminated about, #10 He was a leading Roman orator and prose author during his time, During his lifetime, Julius Caesar was regarded as. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Its bad just stop; Everyone in this comment section is so immature have some respect for history guys. In 44 BC, after he had crushed the last resistance of Pompey’s supporters, Caesar was appointed dictator perpetuo (dictator in perpetuity). Caesar is made “dictator for life.” Julius Caesar gained support of the people by: Spending money for public entertainment Establishing laws that freed farmers and tradesmen from heavy taxes Promising to improve the overall economy Suggesting new laws, most of which were approved by the Senate.

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