We love to shop at Asian markets and, every time we are there, I always pick up fresh purple sweet potatoes. Purple yams are similar to sweet potatoes and are known by several names, including purple yam, greater yam, winged yam, water yam, white yam, purple or white yam, guyana arrowroot, ten-month yam.However exact place of origin is unknown it is believed that common yam comes from the … This purple yam is commonly mistaken for other starchy vegetables, specifically taro and the Okinawan sweet potato, which are also used as primary ingredients in purple-colored foods. Sweet potatoes that have brown, red-orange, or white skin with orange or white flesh are native to Colombia and southern Central America. It is touted as one of the reasons Okinawans are living active disease-free lives past the age of 100. Mashed Purple Potatoes: This recipe makes a beautiful dish with the deep purple color. I know that many people poke holes in their potatoes before baking them, but since mine are double-wrapped in parchment paper and foil, I’ve never done this. Side note: Red and orange sweet potatoes are often labeled “yams.” This is a misnomer. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn a small percentage from your purchases at no cost to you. After Columbus' discoveries, they were brought to Asia, and varieties with white skin and speckled pale purple flesh were developed on the Japanese island of Okinawa. Simple to prepare, purple yams can turn ordinary dishes such as pies, cakes and soups into something bright and memorable. Highly nutritious. To check doneness, remove the pan of potatoes from the oven and insert a knife into the center of the largest one. Then, wrap each one in parchment paper followed by a sheet of foil. Shopping for Okinawan potatoes. The best Okinawan sweet potatoes are small to medium in size with a firm texture and smooth, unwrinkled skin. Purple sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas), also known as the Okinawan sweet potato, Hawaiian sweet potato, or Japanese yam, is a root vegetable similar to the white sweet potato, but with vibrant, deep purple flesh.The sweet potato’s purple color comes from anthocyanins, the same element in the soil that gives purple carrots and cherries their deep, plummy hues. Purple yams are packed with flavor just like the typical orange variety, but boast a striking color to enliven any dish that they make an appearance. Q: What are purple sweet potatoes good for? We love to shop at Asian markets and, every time we are there, I always pick up fresh purple sweet potatoes. Purple ube yams are the most beautiful roots in the world… though you wouldn’t know it by looking at their exteriors. Bake at 400°F for approximately 1 hour and sometimes a little longer. Remember SHARING IS CARING! This not only makes them taste sweeter but also means that, with less starch to absorb moisture, these sweet potatoes have a moister, creamier texture than the dry varieties. There is a link to a PDF copy of this list below. After wrapping the potatoes, put them on a baking pan and place them in the oven. Purple-fleshed sweet potatoes need a long, warm season to produce a good crop, but the starchy, deep-purple roots of varieties such as ‘Violetta’ and ‘All Purple’ are worth the wait. For those looking for some great ideas, check out my Stir Fry Category for inspiration. A: These colorful potatoes are loaded with fiber and antioxidants which make them a very healthy food. True yams are unrelated tubers that are starchier and drier than even purple- and white-fleshed sweet potatoes, with a thick, fibrous skin; they’re generally hard to … A: They do best in a dry, dark, and cool storage place such as in a pantry. To prevent the color from bleeding out when cooking, Heck suggests roasting, sautéeing, or frying purple sweet potatoes. This is a misnomer. This sweet potato is not actually related to the potato but instead is in the morning glory family. My favorite way to cook them is baking. Sweet potato varieties with orange or red skin and deep orange flesh, including Red Garnet (our favorite) and Jewel, cook up sweet and moist. Good Buy 2020, Hello Savings! © 2020 America's Test Kitchen. The reason for the holes is to prevent them from exploding in the oven. The purple potato made its way to Hawaii and then to the U.S. mainland. Cover the pan, lower the heat to medium and continue to cook until fork tender, about 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the sizes of the purple yams. To cook potatoes, begin by washing them well. They are great eaten alone or served as a side dish with stir-fries and other recipes.

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